Color Your Wall Art Yourself

There are often times when we get requests for art with colors other than black. Of course, we can do that but it adds to the price of the piece you buy and, really, you can do it yourself. There are a lot of advantages of a DIY project including:

  • Being able to make your art something that you can say you had a hand in creating
  • Having the ability to place your colors exactly where and how you want them
  • Creating your art with more than one color, if you so desire

Because of the metal the art is made from and since it is cut from a single piece of metal instead of having welds and bends, painting is not difficult to do. The absence of crevasses and hidden area allow you to paint right over the black with a can of quality spray paint.

Simply wipe the art down with a cleaner to remove any oils from touching it or dust from having it displayed. Use masking tape and paper to keep the paint from hitting areas you do not want repainted. Paint the exposed area then let the paint completely dry. If you are only painting one area, that’s all you have to do. When painting multiple areas and/or colors, just make sure each area is completely dry before masking a new area to paint.

It’s not difficult to do and just a little common sense will direct you to the perfect piece of art that you will be proud to hang in your home. After all, we provided you the absolute best canvas for your project – the art itself.

Below are some examples and ideas just how cool these art sculptures can be.

Have fun. And, if you elect to paint yours, we would love to see what you did. Send your creation to Give us permission to add it to this site and, who knows, you may see your art online soon!

Flowering Shoe painted red

Flowering Shoe painted yellow

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