About Us

rich-ginnie-backer[1]Backer Metal Art is the product of a major change in our lives. More than 25 years ago, my wife Ginnie and I learned of her cancer. Back then, I worked long hours managing my businesses, everything from car dealerships to restaurants.

Cancer made a significant change in the paths that our lives took. I threw in all of my chips, liquidating my businesses, dealerships, repair shops, and the life that we had known for 30 years. We sold everything to take advantage of the time that we had together.

What came from our trials was a sense of peace and enlightenment. Anticipation came of the days and gifts that lie ahead. As a certified mechanic with a background in welding, making metal art fell into place. What was once a small idea as a result of a trying time, has grown into an ever-developing lifestyle and business.

Creating this artwork is a journey for both my wife and I. Traveling and selling this artwork was our lifestyle, and now more than ever I appreciate the importance of timing. We took our motor home and traveled around the country, working and loving what we were doing. Being around a woman so inspiring is a daily reminder of what life has to offer.

Today, Ginnie is 23 years clean of cancer. We’re thankful on a daily basis for the adventures that we’ve had. We’re constantly excited to reveal new pieces and products to you, our customers, and hope that you recognize the heart and story that each piece embodies.

Rich and Ginnie Backer call their metal art sculptures Art Off the Wall because the pieces are three dimensional. They’re large and up to three feet wide and tall. They’re three dimensional so the pieces and the intricate details of the artwork reach out into the room for which they were built to decorate and beautify.

All our sculptures are powder coated to go inside and outside, they are built off the wall 1 1/2” off the wall to give them dimension and a shadow if there is light in the room.

See the entire collection here.